Cutting-Edge Dental Technology Makes Visiting the Dentist More Pleasant

We completely understand if you are afraid to visit the dentist because you are worried you will be uncomfortable or in pain. However, dentistry is a constantly evolving field. Thanks to the latest technological advances, dental services—like cavity fillings and cleanings—are quieter and less painful.

So many patients in the Lancaster area love visiting our office because we take advantage of these modern dental tools, making their appointments quick and easy. Dr. Kolsun at Hempfield Family Dental Care believes that providing the best patient care involves staying current with all the latest innovations in dental technology. These high-tech machines and a friendly office environment make your visit to the dentist in Lancaster, PA, an enjoyable experience.

Get the Smile You Want from a Dental Office Using State-of-the-Art Technology

At Hempfield Family Dental Care, we understand that you want a healthy, beautiful smile. To achieve that goal, you need to brush and floss your teeth daily, avoid sugary foods and drinks that can cause cavities, and see a dentist in Lancaster, PA, twice a year.

If that last item raises your anxiety slightly, do not worry! With more than 37 years of dental experience, Dr. Kolsun has the knowledge and capabilities to create a fun, relaxing environment and the latest technology to make your experience as pleasant as it can be.

Getting started with our clinic has never been easier. It just three simple steps, you will be on your way to a healthy, bright smile:

  1. Schedule an appointment – You can request an appointment through our online contact form or by calling our office at (717) 285-3440.
  2. Relax at your visit – The cutting-edge technology, friendly staff, and fun environment lessen a patient’s anxiety over visiting the dentist.
  3. Leave with a cleaner, whiter smile – As you leave our office, you’ll be glad you chose Dr. Kolsun and his staff with your dental care.

The Latest Technology Makes Dental Care Easier than Ever!

As technology advances, it makes our lives easier and more comfortable. Dental technology is no exception, as the latest advances make dentistry less anxiety-inducing for patients. By utilizing these instruments, Dr. Kolsun and his staff can provide a pleasant dental experience that will leave you with a brighter, healthier smile.

Laser dentistry machine

Laser Dentistry

The Er:YAG laser is the only FDA-approved laser to perform cavity preparation. The laser works by evaporating water in the tooth in minute increments and cools the nerve as opposed to the traditional handpiece, which heats the nerve and requires Novocain. The laser is particularly effective in children with small cavities. It is also used in gum surgery and can heal cold sores.

Electric drill on teeth

Electric-Powered Handpieces

That unsettling “drill noise” is a thing of the past! The electric-powered handpiece is more effective than the air turbine because of its direct-drive and is quieter than the air-turbine handpiece. The electric-powered handpiece can also deliver more consistent motor speeds, so you spend less time in the dental chair during your oral health cleanings and procedures.

Tooth issue detection

Laser Cavity Detection

The DIAGNOdent™ is a laser cavity detector that causes bacteria in the tooth to glow to indicate the presence of a cavity in a tooth. As a family dentist in Lancaster, PA, Dr. Kolsun knows that delivering quality dental care means early detection of any issues. With this pen, he can find and treat cavities early to avoid more extensive dental services in the future, like a root canal or extraction.

Digital teeth x-ray

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays reduce the radiation exposure by 50% and provide a larger image that can be easily seen on the computer by both doctor and patient. This dental technology puts patients at greater ease when visiting Hempfield Family Dental Care. It allows Dr. Kolsun to explain his findings and show the patient any problem areas he discovers in their mouth.

Laser cavity detection machine

VELscope Oral Cancer Detection

The VELscope detects oral cancer and can prevent it by detecting tissue changes. Before cancer forms, healthy tissues stop producing a chemical that glows under the specific wavelength of the VELscope. So, when using this dental technology in your mouth, Dr. Kolsun can spot areas that are not shining and address them sooner to prevent more severe complications.

Introral camera

Intra-Oral Camera

The intra-oral camera reveals cavities, fractures, and problems with the teeth. It magnifies those defects on a television screen, so you can see what we see. Patients particularly love this camera when having cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening performed so that they can see the differences in their smiles right away. For the highest quality dentistry in Lancaster, PA, visit us!

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When it comes to general dentistry, suppose you want a dental practice that uses the latest technology to put patients at ease and provides a fun and welcoming environment. In that case, Dr. Kolsun at Hempfield Family Dental Care is the dentist in Lancaster, PA, for you! By using a wide range of dental technology, your appointment will be easy, quick, and comfortable. Get started today by scheduling an appointment!

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