Dentistry is a constantly evolving field. Dr. Kolsun believes that providing the best patient care involves staying current with all the latest innovations in dental technology.

Laser dentistry machine

Laser Dentistry

The Er:YAG laser is the only FDA approved laser to perform cavity preparation. The laser works by evaporating water in the tooth in minute increments and cools the nerve as opposed to the traditional handpiece which heats the nerve and requires Novocain. The laser is particularly effective in children with small cavities. It is also used in gum surgery and can heal cold sores.

Electric drill on teeth

Electric Powered Handpieces

The electric powered handpiece is more effective than the air turbine because of its direct drive and is quieter than the air turbine handpiece.

Tooth issue detection

Laser Cavity Detection

The Diagnodent is a laser cavity detector that causes bacteria in the tooth to fluoresce giving a quantitative measure to the presence of a cavity in a tooth.

Digital teeth x-ray

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays reduce the radiation exposure by 50% and provide a larger image that can be easily seen on the computer by both doctor and patient.

Laser cavity detection machine

Velscope Oral Cancer Detection

The Velscope detects oral cancer and can prevent it by detecting tissue changes prior to cancer as healthy tissues stop producing a chemical that flouresces under a the specific wavelength of the Velscope.

Introral camera

Intra-oral Camera

The intra-oral camera demonstrates cavities, fractures and problems with the teeth and magnifies those defects on a television screen so you can see what we see.

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