Get the Smile You Have Always Wanted with Cosmetic Dentistry in Lancaster, PA

When your teeth are less than perfect, it can make you feel self-conscious to smile at even your happiest moments. Everyone deserves to smile for pictures and laugh without reservation. If you are ready to feel confident again when speaking, laughing, or eating around others, then it is time for you to visit Hempfield Family Dental Care for cosmetic dentistry in Lancaster, PA!

Dr. Kolsun and his staff want to give everyone the vibrant, white smile they have always dreamed about. We provide several cosmetic and esthetic dental procedures that can hide flaws, remove stains, and give your teeth a “polished” look that instills confidence and gets you noticed! For nearly four decades, we have helped people just like you address their dental issues and get the smile makeover that gives them the certainty to smile, laugh, and speak with others.

We use the latest technology at Hempfield Family Dental Care for all our procedures and strive to stay current with the most advanced dental procedures available. When you choose us for your cosmetic dentistry in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, you are choosing an experienced dental team you can trust with your smile and oral health.

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What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to any dental treatment that improves the appearance of teeth, gums, or bite. Hempfield Family Dental Care offers a wide range of esthetic and cosmetic dentistry options for a more attractive smile, from simple teeth whitening procedures to adding implants to replace missing teeth. While we will recommend the proper service to meet your needs, we will never pressure you into expensive cosmetic dentistry treatments that you are unsure about.

Our dental office will work with you to discuss and evaluate multiple options for the best results within your budget. Some procedures can be done in stages to help defray your costs. We also accept most major insurances, participate with several carriers, and offer interest-free financing through CareCredit.

What Procedures Are Included in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Whether you have a broken or chipped tooth, want a more beautiful smile through teeth whitening, or want to hide dental imperfections, Hempfield Family Dental Care can provide the right cosmetic procedure to help you get the smile you want.



Looking for a way to hide minor dental flaws for a brighter, whiter smile? Veneers might be the perfect solution! Composed of porcelain or composite (white) filling material, veneers are thin shells that bond to the surface of teeth to hide dental flaws easily.

Composite and porcelain veneers often require little or no reduction to the original tooth and only need your daily dental care routine to maintain them. We would be happy to discuss your veneer options in our office! Ask about dental veneers at your next appointment for general dentistry work like your regular cleaning, or call us today!

Ceramic crowns for teeth

Dental Implants

A missing tooth should not keep you from smiling and eating the foods you want. Dental implants create a permanent solution to a missing tooth. A tooth-colored dental implant will not only make a positive visual impact on your smile but will benefit your dental health as well.

The extra space where your tooth is missing presents an opportunity for shifting of your teeth into the area, creating more significant problems that can lead to further tooth loss and dental pain. Keep your mouth healthy and brighten your smile simultaneously with a new dental implant. Schedule your consultation today!

Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

Coffee, colas, and other foods can stain your teeth, leaving them with a dull or yellow appearance. We can remove unsightly stains and brighten your smile with several proven whitening techniques.

We will help you take care of those stains and leave you with a brighter smile. Our office uses a nighttime formula with two levels of bleach over three weeks. Patients can develop sensitivity during whitening, and we customize the treatment using various desensitizers and fluoride. Talk with us about what you are hoping to achieve, and we will recommend a whitening plan to match your goals.

Crowns for teeth

Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges repair fractured and missing teeth by replacing the outside tooth surface with an all-ceramic, porcelain-to-high noble metal, or cast gold covering. Bridges replace missing teeth by welding a pontic crown to crowns on the adjacent teeth.

While crowns are primarily used to repair fractured teeth, new Zirconia all-ceramic crowns also provide an esthetic covering that improves the tooth’s appearance at the same time. These all-ceramic crowns bond to your tooth, providing the strength of titanium for a permanent tooth repair that lasts.


Posterior Composites

Posterior composites are a substitute for the traditional silver/mercury fillings placed in posterior teeth. While they are a more esthetic restoration compared to their amalgam counterparts, posterior composites seal the tooth, resist fracture by bonding to the tooth, and wear with the natural tooth structure.

Unlike amalgam fillings, posterior composites can require less drilling and allow you to retain more tooth enamel during the process. This process can enable you to keep more of your original tooth structure.

Does My Insurance Cover Cosmetic Dentistry?

Every dental insurance plan varies in what it covers, and some plans may not include dentistry for purely cosmetic reasons. However, your policy may cover a procedure with an established medical benefit. You can contact your insurance provider or our insurance specialist to determine what cosmetic dentistry procedures your plan covers.

For covered procedures, we accept most major insurances, participate with several carriers, and offer interest-free financing through CareCredit.

What Is Dentistry Like at Hempfield Family Dental Care?

I love my experience each time I visit Hempfield Family Dental Care. Every single individual I have been in contact with makes me feel like I am a valued patient. They take the time to ask about concerns and work to solve those concerns. I highly recommend Hempfield Family Dental Care.”  Kristal M.

Dr. Kolsun and his staff are some of the most courteous and professional dental professionals I have ever met and dealt with. I also like Dr. Kolsun’s gentle approach. I have had previous dentists that have not been as conscious of their patients’ needs, but Dr. Kolsun is very concerned with his patients and making sure their visits go smoothly.” – Alexsander U.

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