How Does Hempfield Family Dental Care Use Laser Technology?

A patient smiles as a dentist uses a laser tool on their teeth.

Technology has many valuable purposes, from cell phones that can help us drive to our destination without getting lost to smart devices that allow us to turn on lights without lifting a finger. There is no doubt that technology helps improve certain aspects of our lives. It should be no surprise that technological advances have helped make going to the dentist a little easier as well.

Hempfield Family Dental Care uses laser technology and other advanced machinery to diagnose, treat, and view oral health issues, such as tooth decay, periodontal diseases, and other teeth and gums problems. The FDA approved these treatment options, and the lasers provide patients with a less painful and noisy experience.

Dr. Kolsun and his Hempfield Family Dental Care staff treats patients of all ages with care and respect in a fun, friendly atmosphere. By using laser technology, we help make your experience at the dentist more comfortable so that you can maintain healthy teeth for life.

1. What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a type of dentistry that uses lasers to help make dental treatments easier for the doctor and patient. The word “laser” is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. In our office, Dr. Kolsun will use a wand-like instrument that emits light energy in a narrow, concentrated beam. This laser light beam is exposed to specific areas in the mouth to prepare them for fillings, cavity detection, or detecting oral cancer.

There are two primary types of lasers used in dental care. Hard tissue lasers are used on the tooth’s surface. The specific wavelength of these lasers can cut through bone to prepare the area for filling.

Soft tissue lasers are used to cut into soft tissues and seal blood vessels. They are commonly used for reshaping gums for cosmetic purposes.

2. How Does Laser Dentistry Help Patients?

Compared to traditional treatment, laser cavity detection and other dental procedures tends to be less painful and only give minimal discomfort to the patient. Many patients experience less bleeding and a faster healing time because dental care laser technology is minimally invasive.

There is also less damage to the surrounding gum tissue, which reduces the chance of infection. Since dental drills are not used in laser procedures, there is no dreadful drilling noise. Many of our patients prefer using laser treatments, making the whole dental experience more pleasant overall.

3. What Laser Technology Does Dr. Kolsun Use?

Dr. Kolsun uses two main lasers in his dentistry practice: the Er:YAG laser and the DIAGNOdent™ laser cavity detection. The Er:YAG is the only FDA-approved laser to perform cavity preparation. It evaporates water in the tooth in small increments and cools the nerve. Compared to a traditional handpiece that heats the nerve and requires Novocain, the Er:YAG laser eliminates the vibration of the dental drill.

Without those vibrations, it removes the risk of causing microfractures in the tooth. Additionally, when used initially at low power settings, it has a sedative effect on the nerve, so the dentist can increase the power without causing pain in the tooth. This dental laser is particularly effective in children with small cavities, gum surgery, and the healing of cold sores.

Traditional methods of finding cavities by visual screenings and X-rays often miss cavities under the tooth’s surface. The DIAGNOdent™ is a laser cavity detector that works by causing bacteria in the tooth to glow under the light of the laser. This laser cavity detection alerts the dentist that an otherwise healthy tooth has started bacterial growth that may lead to cavities. It is possible to reverse some of this bacterial damage with regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouth wash—eliminating the need for fillings.

4. Are There Other Devices Dr. Kolsun Uses to Provide a Pleasant Dental Experience?

Yes, Hempfield Family Dental Care uses laser technology and other state-of-the-art devices during dental procedures. For example, the electric-powered handpiece we use is quieter than the traditional air-turbine handpiece. It eliminates some dreaded drilling noises that induce anxiety in children and adults alike.

We also use digital X-rays to look at your tooth structure and make recommendations to improve your dental health. Digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure by 50% and provide a larger image that can be seen by both the doctor and the patient.

Another tool we use is the VELscope, which detects oral cancer earlier than other methods. Before cancer forms, healthy tissues stop producing a particular chemical that glows under the specific wavelength of the VELscope. So, when used in a mouth, areas that are not shining may indicate that oral cancer could develop. This tool allows you to take the steps necessary to prevent cancer from developing before it leads to more severe complications.

Finally, the intra-oral camera is a handy wand that reveals cavities, fractures, gum disease, and other tooth and gum issues on a convenient screen. It magnifies the image for both the patient and doctor to view and is especially handy in cosmetic procedures.

5. Are Dental Lasers Safe?

Dental lasers are FDA-approved, so they are safe to use at your dental appointment. Dental care providers who use laser technology must undergo specific training for each device to ensure they can use it properly. We will have you wear special safety glasses to protect your eyes and prevent damage from the lasers used.

We want the best for our patients and would not use anything that would harm them. We feel laser technology and the other advanced devices we use provide an easier dentist experience.

Experience the Difference in Your Dental Care with Laser Technology!

If you are ready to have a less painful, less noisy, and more pleasant experience at the dentist, then it is time to visit Dr. Kolsun at Hempfield Family Dental Care. Laser technology allows us to provide a trip to the dentist that reduces pain and bleeding, creates a faster recovery time, and eliminates that terrible drilling noise. You will not be disappointed in the benefits of the safe, effective use of lasers at your dental appointments.

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